Gone Phishing: Travelers Claims Plan Doesn’t Cover Cyber Losses 2018-05-23 - Daniel R. Stoller at Bloomberg Law had an excellent observation about the risks of phishing related to general crime policies. Here is a short excerpt and the whole article is warmly recommended: "The... More detail
PDF Files Can Be Abused to Steal Windows Credentials 2018-05-23 - PDF files can be weaponized by malicious actors to steal Windows credentials (NTLM hashes) without any user interaction, and only by opening a file, according to Assaf Baharav, a security researcher... More detail
Q1 2018 Top Clicked Phishing Email Subjects 2018-05-16 - This is the second year we've published quarterly results of the most-clicked phishing email subjects across a few categories. We separate the data into subjects related to social media and general... More detail
Massachusetts School District Pays $10K to Ransomware Attackers 2018-05-16 -   "A school district located in Massachusetts paid attackers $10,000 after they infected its computer network with crypto-ransomware.  Officials at Leominster Public Schools decided to meet... More detail
Why human vulnerabilities are a higher cyber security risk than software flaws 2018-05-09 - Jonathan Greig at TechRepublic wrote an article based on recent Proofpoint research: "According to cybersecurity firm Proofpoint, the 'vast majority' of digital attacks aimed to exploit the "human factor"... More detail
Ransomware, Phishing, and Pretexting in the Annual Verizon Databreach Report 2018-05-09 - Did you know, 43% of breaches result from social engineering attacks? What's more, according to a recent Verizon investigation, phishing emails account for 98% of all social engineering related incidents... More detail
86% Of Passwords Are Terrible And Reuse Abounds 2018-05-02 - Troy Hunt, the founder of Haveibeenpwned came out with some brand new numbers that show there's bad news and there's more bad news. A few months ago he launched V2 of his Pwned Passwords list (half a... More detail